Know Your Fish for Scholarships

October 3, 2013 ·

Finally the most convenient way to earn money toward further education has a great opportunity for marine biology enthusiasts! The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation recently released another scholarship for the month of October: the Marine Biology Scholarship,partnered with Guy Harvey. For those of you that don’t know, CKSF focuses on providing simple, fair, and legitimate scholarship opportunities to all levels through everyday knowledge based quizzes, all without the aggravating essay, GPA, and application requirements. No, this is not a scam, it’s every student’s dream come true!  

High school students with an interest in marine biology across the United States can first register at, and once registered will find the requirements to win the grand prize of $250 and some awesome Guy Harvey memorabilia, available October 1-29. Participants have access to the database as well as a “cheat sheet” to help with each of the four initial quizzes in the challenge round. Easy enough, right!? What’s even better is that the “cheat sheet” study guides give students the exact information that will be on the test, and everyone has  a chance, so low scorers at first can always become winners! Since most students may not feel like continuing on to the second, third, and fourth rounds, those with persistence have the chance to win special Guy Harvey prizes if they score in the top 25%! Only the students with the highest overall scores move on to the championship round, available November 6-8.  

Who knew getting scholarships could be so simple? Backed by one of the most reliable scholarship foundations, the Marine Biology Scholarship is the perfect opportunity for any high school student who loves fish and earning money off what he or she knows best! For more information on the quiz requirements, visit

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