The Sweet Chocolate

April 2, 2014 ·

Here at The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, we constantly look for new and exciting scholarships that are educational and interesting at the same time. When searching our brains for a topic that would fit all these qualifications, the magical ingredient, CHOCOLATE, came to mind. It is the delightful treat that most people enjoy and there’s a great deal of science and technicalities behind it. So, it was decided. We were going to have a “Chocolate Scholarship” and someone was going to win $250 for knowing his/her chocolate. 

Unfortunately, none of us had any idea about the science behind chocolate or the technical aspect of the chocolate making process. So we went to our local chocolate shop, Schakolad, in Davie Fl, and asked for help. The owner, Mr. Bautista, was nice enough to dedicate a whole afternoon to teaching the staff of CKSF about the history of chocolate, the chocolate making process, different kinds of chocolate, and of course we got to sample the delicious variety of the chocolates in the store.  

After our educational session at the Schakolad, the team began working on questions and other preoperational steps. But this scholarship was different from the other scholarships that we had done before, or even any scholarship that we had seen before. Since the love for chocolate knows no age, gender or education, why should a scholarship about chocolate? So we decided to open this scholarship to everyone, so every chocolate enthusiast has the opportunity to show his/her love and appreciation for this sweet companion and win scholarship money.

We took care of everything, the information, the scholarship and the prize, so the only thing left for you to do is to read the information provided about chocolate (click on this link and this one) and take the scholarship quiz starting April 6th and win the $250 ( but don’t spend it all on chocolate!)

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